Revision: editing and proofreading

As the saying goes “two pair of eyes are better than one” and nothing could be more true in translation. This is what “revision” is all about, an extra pair of eyes, an added protection for your business. For a thorough revision of your translation, follow these two steps: editing and then proofreading.


According to the Oxford dictionnary, editing is the process of “preparing written material for publication by correcting, condensing, or otherwise modifying it”. In translation, editing is the next step after a text has been translated. The translation is handed over to an editor who is going to make comments and suggestions. His job is to improve the quality of the copywriting by giving special attention to terminology. He will use specialised dictionnaries and check every fact and detail for consistency and accuracy.

The translator will act upon those recommendations and decide which one befits the tone and style of the original document.


Once the translator has implemented the editor’s proposals, it is common practice to have a proofreader check the final translation. It is the final stage of the revision process.

Proofreading does not deal with terminology. In deed, the focus is on finding syntax, grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes, and typos.

Edition followed by proofreading will ensure the best translation, the best copy for your business. So don’t skip the revision stage, it’s essential. If you think “all I need is the translation. No revision needed!”, then think twice.
Think long term: you are not saving any money and you WILL damage your business and reputation. If your document is full of mistakes then your clients won’t take you seriously and ultimately won’t use your services.

All decent translators will let you have their translation edited and proofread . ALR Translations is happy to provide this service. We will check for accuracy, consitency and all syntax errors.

So, if you would like another eye to go through a previously translated document, get in touch now and we will send you a quotation within 24 hours.