French Translation: A quality translation or low prices?

Nothing beats a well prepared, mouth-watering French dish.

I like to eat…I really enjoy a good meal with all the trimmings! However, this French translator can’t cook for love or money, whether a cookbook is in front of me or not! What a dilemma! What should I do? Well, of course, I’m going to drive to my favourite restaurant, order my fave dish and be a happy customer with a full belly. Yum!

Nothing beats a professional French translator who knows what they’re doing.

Simple right? You went to a professional, knowing full well you’d get the quality and enjoyable experience you’re paying for. So why wouldn’t you treat your business the same way? Why do you think it doesn’t deserve the same treatment, the same respect? You spent hours, days, weeks, even months, building your reputation with the perfect service, the perfect offer…. So why jeopardise everything for a few pounds?

First, faced with the need to find a French translator, you scour the internet and the likes of Upwork, People Per Hour, etc… But then you’re sitting there wondering why there are such discrepancies between prices. This is the plague of the translation market. And I hear you: it’s awfully misleading and frustrating for someone who’s not familiar with the world of translation. Like everything on the Internet, we have the best and the worst there is to offer.

Case in point…

To help you, let’s take a look at a case study. Let’s say you need a French translator to translate your website and there’s that guy who offers you £0.03 per source word. It makes that translation really affordable, therefore appealing for you….right ? But what you don’t know is what that guy is going to do with your website. He’ll run it through Google Translate and just give it back to you like that. And you’ll be none the wiser, wondering why months later you still have no French clients coming forward… YOU GOT PLAYED ! Believe me, you’ll never hear from that French translator againthere’s no getting your money back. You’ll probably have to pay for a proofreader to redo (or undo!) the whole “translation”. I know…it’s a costly mistake.

Translators are wordsmiths.

The good news is that you can avoid all that. In fact, you can get in touch straight away with a French translator who will provide you with quality customer service and will be in touch with you throughout the translation process. Translation is not a job for amateurs. Translators have received years of training and worked really hard at mastering their art. Most of all, it’s not just a case of speaking another language.

French translator

Indeed, a language is made of different styles, tones and words that have different meanings depending on the context and cultural references. A machine can’t possibly take that into accountonly a human being can. A human being that has been properly trained, who is a native speaker of the language they are translating into (very important!) and, equally important, someone who masters the technical language that you use (that’s why we all have fields of specialisation: some are masters of the medical field while others have no problem handling legal terms).  Sometimes translation isn’t enough, so we need copywriting skills where we have to recreate a text that “speaks” to your French clientele. In order to attract the right clientele, we must use the right words, said the right way. Your business deserves to be the best in its industryit deserves the right French translator.

You want the best for your company, and I want the best for my customers.

You have a great offer waiting to be discovered. I’m a professionallet me help you get the word out there.

Get in touch now!

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